Wednesday, 11 April 2012

TIGed - Taking It Global for Educators (A Really Great Online Classroom Networking Resource)

I would use this website to take my classroom global! This is a safe, interactive, virtual classroom that has the potential to connect my students with 40,137 Students and 7948 Teachers from 3149 Schools across 133 Countries. WOW! Although this website does have membership charges, it also provides a number of very useful resources including lesson plans, research, data, videos and educational games. It has information on most areas of study, however I would probably look to use this for either human geography or environmental science study areas. This resource enables my students to understand and act collaboratively with other students, teachers and schools throughout the world. Not only is this effective use of ICTs, it also ensures my students to look at issues from different perspectives and employ higher order thinking to their learning. Such a great idea!

Link to TIGed TIGed (Taking It Global – for Educators) states that their focus areas are on preparing students for the world by utilising technology to engage student as learners and leaders in three key areas: Global Citizenship - An increasingly connected future requires students to understand other people and places. Cultivating global citizenship means helping students to understand their rights and responsibilities both locally and globally in the face of international challenges that know no borders. Environmental Stewardship - From climate change to deforestation, the future of the planet rests on students developing a sense of respect and responsibility for the world they will inherit. Student Voice - To cultivate leaders of tomorrow, students must have a voice in their learning today. Valuing and incorporating student voice in classrooms and schools ensures that education is more engaging and relevant to 21st century learners. (TakingItGlobal, 2012; )