Sunday, 8 April 2012

Week 3: Creating a Website Reflection


 OK so I created my website and I am really happy with its presentation.  I have found that the website provides me with options that the wiki and blog do not.  The website allows me to add resources that I want my student to access that they may not be able to access due to school security restrictions (i.e. YouTube clips).  By embedding these into my my webpage the student can access my webpage and therefore view these very useful YouTube clips. 

Student could construct their own website and use these to market a specific product therefore learning the language of marketing, understanding what is involved in creating and maintaining a webpage and then thinking of ways in which the advertising companies promote their websites. 

I have constructed a website that once I have finished editing, I will need to have it approved by my mentor teacher and placement school (to ensure that the resources I am using are able to be used by students, and do not  not breach any copyright or ethics and safety standards).  Once this website is approved by my placement school I intend to provide the link to my students so that they can access the additional resources that I have included here.

 Ms Higlett's Website