Thursday, 12 April 2012

Week 5: Group 3 Tool - Creating a Prezi Presentation


I really love how Prezi presents. For my learning this visual tool is very useful. I like to see the big picture how everything connects together but I am quite a detailed person so I like being able to get down into the detail. The zooming effect of this application allows for so much room when it comes to creativity and imagination. You can add information to the Prezi but hide it by reducing the size to make it too small to see then path your Prezi so that the view is zoomed into this area to reveal what you were hiding...for example - this would be great to hide the answers to a quiz you might give the students. That way all of your information is in one location just hidden from them while they are answering the questions on the interactive whiteboard in class. But to be honest I think I spent around 40 hours designing my Prezi. I wanted to make it a usable resource for my teaching as I am stepping into the classroom very soon and need as much available information on plants as I can get. I wanted to present the information that I will be going over with my students for the entire term in one Prezi Presentation so that they can go back and forth to review information and see how the different functions of a plant's physiology can be inter-related. This prezi has been designed so that it has a sequential order. Starting with the structure of the leaf then leading into some of its functions photosynthesis & respiration. The adding the movement of water throughout the plant and the translocation of nutrients from roots to leaves. followed by transpiration and excretion. the final task where this Prezi finished is a simulation of the term long assignment that the students are expected to be completing - Growing plants with one variable - light range or pH, etc.; making a hypothesis based on their knowledge about what they expect will happen; then measuring growth rates over time and finally completing a scientific investigation report to formulate evidence and findings and to test their hypothesis. The biggest problems that I had with this application were that every time I pasted a link into my Prezi presentation, the page would freeze, and the Adobe Flash Plug In would Crash, as it did not have enough memory (or so the message said - Every time!). I definitely will be using this zooming presentation tool in class, although I will need to invest a lot of time into creating the tools that I would require and would be happy showing my students!