Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Week 5 - Group 3 Tool: Creating Images in PowerPoint


 I started this engagement activity by creating a PowerPoint presentation featuring photos that I had taken from my trip to Europe in June 2011, where we visited the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in Oranienbury just outside Berlin, Germany (such a sad and sacred place). I was able to upload my photos quite quickly into PowerPoint and I added some heading and two links to useful sites proving information on the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

I have used PowerPoint a lot in my past employment and in previous studies, and I find that PowerPoint is designed to be an 'easy to use' application, with the timeline down the side it helps the user navigate and make changes to each slide with ease. In comparison Prezi does have a sidebar but it is not as useful due to the zooming capabilities of Prezi, which mean you are continually having to view your Prezi Presentation in Slide View (Presentation View) in order to make sure that the view shown in your Presentation encompasses the part of Prezi Page that you want it to. Additionally you need to order the pathways in Prezi which can become quite complex once you starting having a lot of information and a lot of markers on the path (in my Prezi I think I ended up with 39 path markers).

The drawbacks I find with PowerPoint is that it is a bit rigid in its design. You are restricted with how much information you can add to each slide and it presents the same every time, I know you can change the transition features and add sound, etc. But I still don't find this as engaging as Prezi (this may be because I have had the age old "Death by PowerPoint" experience, one too many times, and because Prezi is a new application which I have not used before until now.

My take home points are: 1. I like the visual aspects of Prezi it helps me sort my thinking and assists me in relating all of the information back to the big picture by having all the information on one display screen and being able to zoom in and out. I think as a teacher I would be more inclined to use Prezi for my presentations. And I would encourage my students to use Prezi where appropriate. 2. However I think PowerPoint might be a better application to have my students use when designing their presentations as this would be less time consuming and more user friendly. 3. Glogster is a great poster style visual presentation tool and it is interactive as it has animated objects, sound and video / you tube embedding available. However it does have its draw backs as it restricts the amount of information you are able to present in this application. I love the fact that it requires students to be creative and to express themselves. 4. At the end of the day I would have my student play around with each application and I would offer my students the option to choose which visual presentation form they would prefer to use (Prezi, or PowerPoint or Glogster). (Much like this course!).