Thursday, 12 April 2012

Assessment Activity - Week 2: Group 1 Tools - Wiki, BLog & Website

Group 1 Tools: Wiki, Blog & Website

Reflection on a WEBSITE

 OK so I created my website and I am really happy with its presentation.  I have found that the website provides me with options that the wiki and blog do not.  The website allows me to add resources that I want my student to access that they may not be able to access due to school security restrictions (i.e. YouTube clips).  By embedding these into my my webpage the student can access my webpage and therefore view these very useful YouTube clips. 

Student could construct their own website and use these to market a specific product therefore learning the language of marketing, understanding what is involved in creating and maintaining a webpage and then thinking of ways in which the advertising companies promote their websites. 

I have constructed a website that once I have finished editing, I will need to have it approved by my mentor teacher and placement school (to ensure that the resources I am using are able to be used by students, and do not  not breach any copyright or ethics and safety standards).  Once this website is approved by my placement school I intend to provide the link to my students so that they can access the additional resources that I have included here.

While I think the wiki, blog and website each has its place in learning, I decided to focus my attention on the website.  The website that I have created is really storage for my resources that I want my student to access.  I have sorted this website into the areas that I teach and have embedded links to excellent websites such as NASA’s astronomical website for interactive learning and math questions.  I have included direct links to blogs or articles specifically dealing with our unit of inquiry on plants.  I know that typically my students would A, not look for this information as it is more scientific based than they are used to, and b would get sick of having to troll through all of the information to find something useful.  While I have no intention of using these sources for any assessment items, I am instead trying to provide my students with more technical sources of information so that they become exposed to the higher level vocabulary and for the gifted and talented students to ensure they are engage with the content being provided.    I have also embedded a number of excellent YouTube clips as YouTube is blocked from the student’s computers; however by accessing these clips through my website they are still able to view them.  This also gets around a multitude of safety and ethical issues of having students trying to search for YouTube information at home.  YouTube has excellent resource, but it also has a great deal of explicit sources of information that you do not want children to be exposed to. 

 Ms Higlett's Website

Reflection on a WIKI

 While I have decided to focus my time and attention on my Webpage, as this is the most useful application for my pedagogy at the current time.  I have also created a Wiki and a Blog.

I decide not to focus all of my attention on the wiki as I felt that this would not be the best program to use for the purpose I had in mind.  I created my webpage as a storage system for all of the wonderful resources that I am discovering but had no where to combine and  develop.  This is only an extra resource for my student I have other application that I will be using in class with them, such as my Prezzi - where I have include a lot of things that I want to cover in class, Gizzmos - simulation experiments that the students may be required to start in class and finish for home work.  The OneNote Notebook that I have developed for them to record their notes in this.  This document holds the questions that go with the photosynthesis lab Gizmo and the seed germination lab Gizmo.

Also I have developed a Homework Wiki which I intend to give all students access to only this page, with the intention that over the course of the 8 weeks of learning and experimentation, the students would periodically answer questions that set in this wiki.  As there will be two classes of Year 11 biology students the opportunity to constructively learn through collaboration is great.  As each student has formulated their own hypothesis and made their own decision as to what to test, this forum give the students the ability to share their information, so that if you did not actually test for example pH you can see those in the class who did and what results they achieved.  This homework wiki is then discussed in class as a group to ensure student are making correct inferences from what they have observed, recorded and drawn their conclusions on.

Collaborative Homework Wiki for Yr 11 Biology Experiment

Reflection on a BLOG

The creation of my blog gave me the platform to begin reflecting on my experiences and on the activities I was undertaking.  My blog was essential for my learning as this is where I have completed all of my reflections on the activities undertaken blog.  I understand the importance of reflecting as both a learner and a teacher.  It is important for teachers to not only reflect on their own practice but to reflect on their student learning and to what level this is being achieved. 
  The Blog is what you are seeing now, I have included a Voki, Photos, all of my responses to the weekly activities and assessment 2.  Some interesting resources and a cartoon.