Thursday, 12 April 2012

Assessment Activities - Week 4: Group 2 Tools - Movies, Images & Audio


I think movies are a great tool for developing the students learning.  All student are visual learners and the use of video and movies are an essential component of the multiliteracies. 


The old adage a picture say a thousand words  is often quite ept, and the use of multimodes sources such as movies, images, podcasts, avatars (vokis) and formal text in association with each other will only heighten the learning outcomes of students.    NASA Images are some really incredible examples of some amazing photos.

NASA Images

NASA images

Photo shows the City Lights of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, acquired February 22, 2012

(Photo downloaded from NASA Earth observatory, taken from:


I use podcasts all the time I love these and often use the audiobooks or abc science podcasts.

A way in which I would use this resource in my pedagogy would be to supply the students with a range of podcasts from varying sources (some from well respected sources that utilise established scientifically research information and other sources whose information may be questionable).  I would then ask my students to write a review (maybe even a peer review) on the podcast

 I think these could also be a good resource to give to students to download onto their ipods, and then write


I have had a lot of fun creating my Blabberize media.  Please go to my Blog(link: Blabberize). I have recorded myself attempting to use this tool to post questions to my students, etc.   I think this tool would be great embeded into a Wiki to scaffold a learning task assigned in the Wiki or a Website to pose questions to the students based on the information they have rad on that website to ensure the students are not only understanding the information read but they also know how to put that information into practice.   I have also enjoyed using Voki - I have created a Avatar / Voki on my blog layout page, his name is Harrod and he is my 'welcome dog'.  Voki can be used for the same sorts of applications that you would use Blabberize for.  One difference that i have found is that the Voki is more interactive and may therefore be more engaging for the students.  However seeing their teacher with a Blabberize face would be quite funny!

Students could also create a Voki for themselves to present information in their own assessment itesm, for example to add to their PowerPoint presentations, or on a website they have designed as in the example I used for Productive Pedagogy (Blog productive pedagogies).