Sunday, 11 March 2012

Week 2: Productive Pedagogies

Engagement Activity 1 - Productive Pedagogies

When I undertook this activity, I was a little impatient and just wanted to jump in and get started.  I read through each example but did not note the links to the productive pedagogies.  I then got started on my example and entered the text into the boxes.  Once that was complete I then realised that I needed to link the Productive Pedagogies and took no notice of this in the examples.  I utilised the document: A guide to Productive Pedagogies - Classroom reflection manual.  I linked those pedagogies that I though connected with the tasks that I set the students.

So here it is, my attempt:

Once I completed my attempt I then went back and looked at the examples again this time making sure that I took note of the links made with the Productive Pedagogies.  
 In retrospect, I think I missed a few connections that I should have linked to the tasks including deep understanding and knowledge integration which I think should both be linked to the last task.
Also I think that I could have incorporated active citizenship if I included another task whereby I asked the students to consider ways in which Australian citizens (with our opportunities and freedom) could consider helping those people who are from countries where their are problems such as political unrest (Syria), environmental degradation (Borneo), poverty (Nepal) and war / conflict (Sudan). (Examples of assistance from Australia could me media attention on what is happening inside these countries, more widespread information about what palm oil is used for and how this is causing deforestation in Borneo, monetary donations through organisation such as UNHCR or UNICEF or even signing petitions to assist refugees from these countries, and debating Australia's stance on Refugees).  To further the Higher Order Thinking I could ask the students if they thought that Tourism could assist in any of these problems and how?

 I found this learning experience very valuable.  While the productive pedagogies are still very new to me I think I would use this online tool when starting to create my class plans to make sure that I have considered the productive pedagogies and have incorporated as many as I can in  my teaching.